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Address: 7-8 Sovereign Place, South Windsor, N.S.W. 2756 Australia
Phone: (+ 61 2) 4577 5280
Fax: (+ 61 2) 4577 5411
Email: Please complete our enquiry form.
Servicing the packaging industry for over 30 years.
Northwest Packaging - About Us

Northwest Packaging was established in 1980 in the North West Sydney suburb of South Windsor, just over an hour from the centre of Sydney. We are proud to be part of the Orora Speciality Packaging business and the global Orora family. Northwest Packaging offers over 35 years experience servicing the Australian Packaging industry.

A positive and happy work environment at Northwest Packaging provides the basis for a pleasant transaction with our customers. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our relationships with our customers. From the smallest order to large volume carton runs, we commit to First Class Friendly Service all the way.

We are committed to a continuous quality improvement philosophy to ensure the long-term viability and success of our Company. At Northwest Packaging respect for the individual is one of our core values. We value our people and recognize them as the foundation of our Company. At Northwest Packaging we not only develop our boxes but we develop our people.

Northwest Packaging has set specific objectives for workplace health and safety. To achieve these objectives, we have implemented a comprehensive action plan that can be tailored to every unit of Northwest Packaging. It includes replacing systems and procedures, developing training programs and setting up control procedures within an integrated management context for occupational health and safety.

The Environment

Northwest Packaging is committed to sustainability and implementing sustainable practices in its workplace.  Northwest Packaging is committed to meeting its obligations under New South Wales Government Environmental Management Systems Guidelines and other environmental practices.

Northwest Packaging has a strong environmental focus that addresses much of the National Packaging Covenant’s requirements. Our cardboard has the highest percentage of recycled content and all product waste is collected for recycling. We actively promote the reuse of cardboard products and our design engineers collaborate closely with our clients to minimise resource usage, transport and storage. In addition to our strong environmental focus in our manufacturing plant sustainability is instilled within Northwest Packaging where all employees are encouraged to continually improve business practices with an environmental focus.



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