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Fanfold also known as corrugated fanfold and fanfold corrugated is defined as a continuous length of cardboard scored or creased at selected points so it presents like an accordion stack which can be folded back and forth.  Fanfold can be produced in various lengths and in various cardboard grades or thicknesses. For those familiar with single face rolls or corrugated cardboard rolls just imagine two sides of this placed together and you get the board that forms the basis for fanfold. 

Fanfold has many uses across many industries. It is often used to package products that vary in length. Indeed fanfold was originally designed for packing extrusion materials such as plastics and aluminium. Fanfold is an alternative form of protective packaging for many different types of products that also require stronger packaging protection when in transit or shipped. If your product is particularly long this is the packaging product for you.

Northwest Packaging manufactures and exports fanfold in 100% recycled paper which is also recyclable or kraft paper upon request. We can make fanfold to any size you require with custom designed scores or creases that suit your products profile.


Our Capabilities

Maximum width capability is 1900mm. There is no limit on length but to maximise transportation of fanfold we recommend 250 lineal metres long for semi trailer loads. Using fanfold gives you the option of packing something from half a metre long and up to 250 metres in length. By varying paper grammage we can custom design fanfold to the required strength allowing for various thicknesses.

Fanfold can be easily stored on a standard pallet instead of having a series of long large boxes that take up much more space. For example a full pallet containing 250 lineal metres of fanfold can be stacked 3 high for semi trailer transportation as in the picture below, providing economic and space savings.

Fanfold sheets in continual lengths, various sizes and thicknesses
Fanfold being unstacked
Fanfold used to pack product
Fanfold stacked 3 pallets
high for transportation

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