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Heavy Duty Packaging Specialists

Purpose-built, strong, corrugated carton design is our specialty. We convert a comprehensive range of ‘high performance’ board grades into reliable and cost effective, heavy duty packaging solutions.

Whether it is protection for freight-sensitive products or durability for heavy industrial products, we can provide a solution. From furnishings and domestic retail appliances through to heavy mining equipment, we provide packaging protection for them all.

Northwest Packaging can design fibre board solutions to replace in part or full traditional timber packaging. Below we have listed alternative considerations for existing timber cases and crates as well as information on exporting your product.
Heavy Duty Packaging Specialists


Alternative considerations for existing timber cases and crates
The advantages of using a heavy duty corrugated box for export are:
  • Ease of compliance with Government ISPM 15 regulations, whereas timber requires many AQIS clearances.
  • Marketing advantage can be gained by pre-printing your export packaging. Company and corporate logos are easily applied to our heavy duty board range.
  • Our cardboard products are flat packed thereby saving valuable pallet and storage space. These packs provide ease of delivery and can be easily assembled or disassembled when required.
  • Cardboard packaging reduces OH & S exposure when packing for export. It is lighter than the alternative and requires no additional hardware to secure the designs.
  • In keeping with international environmental regulations, cardboard material can be re-used and/or recycled where required.

Export Packaging and ISPM 15 Compliance
Northwest Packaging is experienced in providing compliant export packaging. We have containerization computer programs that maximize container utilization for your product, thereby saving you money. A list of recent packing testimonials and export experiences are available upon request.

Major Domestic Appliances
We are experienced in providing packaging for major domestic appliances. Products such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and sensitive home audio theatre systems are just some of the items we have provided packaging solutions for. We understand providing packaging protection for heavy consumer goods is essential for retail presentation. 


Leisure Products
From gym equipment to bicycles, from golf clubs through to all sporting equipment - we ensure your product is well protected.


Industrial Products
We can provide custom designed boxes suitable for export of heavy products. We have experience in providing export packaging solutions for automotive products, building products, through to mining and refractory equipment.

We are also experienced in returnable packaging solutions for any type of processing component. Where a returnable heavy duty packaging system is required, we can provide a solution suitable for both your packing line and your end use requirement.



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