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Point of Purchase and Point of Sale Displays

Northwest Packaging specializes in the design, manufacture and printing of promotional Point of Purchase Displays (POP) and Point of Sale Displays (POS).  We are specialists in custom made or bespoke POS displays including Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), the majority of which are re-usable, recyclable and predominantly made from recycled materials. Northwest Packaging has a wealth of design experience and we pride ourselves on providing innovative designs that will guarantee value for money.

We provide a complete POS solution for specific product promotions and our customer base includes some of Australia’s leading companies who require customised Displays. Our POP and POS Display range includes temporary; semi-permanent and permanent display units. We also custom make cardboard standees and cardboard cut-outs to suit.

We also offer a Fulfillment service to ensure your goods get to the marketplace the way they are intended. Our services are also increasingly sought in the area of Product Packaging, where we are fast gaining a reputation for providing outstanding bespoke packaging that distinguishes your brand amongst the competition.

Northwest Packaging also specializes in the manufacture of high impact, cost effective Exhibition and Trade Show Displays including custom exhibits in corrugated cardboard.

Point of Purchase and Point of Sale Displays

Northwest Packaging has established a strong portfolio of POP & POS Displays. Please take a moment to browse through some of our completed work and if you like what you see and would like to ask how we can help service your POS needs please complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly. References are available upon request.

Our Production Capabilities

Counter Display units doubling as shippers; Magazine & Book Display Units; Promotional Free Standing Display Units(FSDU); Entry/Exit Security Covered Standees; Pallet Displays; Promotional entry & competition boxes plain or printed; Brochure holders; Corrugated cardboard CD & DVD Stands; shelf, tiered & pocket tower display units; standees; posters; wall mounts; banners; tray floor stands; hang sells; Promotional Carry Packs and more. A lot of our Counter Displays are designed to also function as shippers or transit packaging therein protecting the product whilst on the way to the store. Once at the store these counter units are easy to identify, easy to open and then easily displayed on the shelf with minimal set-up.

(Please click on images for larger view and specific item details)
Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

An assortment of Free Standing Display Units(FSDU) in various designs utilizing different print options

Promotional Displays

A range of unique in store promotional displays

Pallet Displays

Examples of some recently completed pallet displays

Our Printing Capabilities

Northwest Packaging offers printing from a 1 colour print through to a 6 colour print process utilizing various printing techniques such as Flexographic Print printed directly onto corrugated and display board and ideal for large volumes; Lithographic Laminated printing with UV or Machine varnish in a gloss or matt finish; Digital 4 colour print, ideal for short runs and Screen Printing with a selection of specialty coatings which ensures an excellent visual presentation as well as an impressive end product.

Counter Display Units

Promotional Product Counter Display Units in a variety of styles

Counter Displays/Transit Packaging

An assortment of Counter Display Units doubling as shippers or transit packaging in various designs and printing styles

CD & DVD Display Units


Examples of different counter units and FSDU’s to suit the DVD and CD Market in a combination of screen and lithographic printing to enhance in store visual effect

Magazine & Book Counter Display Units



An assortment of Magazine & Book Counter Display Units doubling as shippers/transit packaging in 1 to 6 colour lithographic print with different types of varnishes

Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) & Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

A selection of die cut Shelf Ready and Retail Ready Packaging – all units are easily displayed on shelf with minimal set up & are ready to present merchandise for sale 

Semi Permanent Promotional Packs

An assortment of Promotional packs in different styles and print formats

Our Fulfillment Capabilities

Customers can choose to supply their product which we will sort, assemble and pack in any configuration required building the display around it or alternatively pack the product into an outer shipper as requested. We can do as little as inserting 1 toothbrush into its pack through to receiving bottles in cartons, unpack them and then repack them into our unique designed carry pack for the Australian market. We then pack the carry packs into an outer protective shipper carton also manufactured in house if required and then deliver these cartons ready for the retail shelves of Australian stores. We can also fully assemble DVD packs and load the stands with the DVDs and transport them directly to the store ready for customer consumption.

We offer a full fulfilment service but can do as little or as much as you the client desires.  Turn your concept ideas into reality with our Northwest Packaging’s in house fulfilment service where we not only design and create the promotional displays but also the product packaging as well as its outer protective packaging if required.

Our Environmental Commitment

Whilst our aim is to provide you with effective packaging products whilst being mindful of your budget we are also mindful of the environment choosing to use wherever possible Australian recycled board as well as use recycled paper products in the manufacture of our displays as well as soy based inks in the printing process. Additionally through our innovative designs we produce less waste and encourage ease of disassembly of the displays for recycling or ongoing re-use.


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